Church services – Advent 2

9.30am Songs of Praise/Family service, St Thomas : 11am Holy Communion, Gulval -: 11am  Songs of Praise/Family service, Madron  : 6pm Evensong, Madron

Church services – Advent 3

9.30am  Holy communion, St Thomas : 11am Songs of Praise/Family Service, Gulval :  11am Holy Communion, Madron : 6pm Evensong, Madron  

Church services Advent 4

9.30am Holy communion, St Thomas : 11am Holy communion, Gulval : 11am Holy communion, Madron : 6pm Evensong, Madron     

Madron Carol Service

Join us for Christmas Carols in Madron Church, beautifully decorated for Christmas.

Christmas Eve Services

4pm  Christingle, St Thomas : 10pm Holy Communion, St Thomas - 11.30pm Holy Communion, Gulval - 11.30pm Holy Communion, Madron 

Christmas Day Services

No service at St Thomas. (There is a service at Wesley Rock, Heamoor.)   10.30am Gulval Family service, followed by Communion (By Extension)  : 10.30am Madron Family service, followed by Communion.