Our Benefice Services
1st  Sunday 2nd  Sunday 3rd  Sunday 4th  Sunday 5th  Sunday weekdays
Gulval 11.00 HC 11.00 FS 11.00 HC 11.00 FS 11.00 HC
Madron 11.00 FS 6.00pm ES 11.00 HC 6.00pm ES 11.00 FS 6.00pm ES 11.00 HC 6.00pm ES 11.00 M 6.00pm ES
Heamoor 9.30 FS 9.30 HC 9.30 MP 9.30 HC 9.30 FC
  • HC Holy Communion
  • FS – Family Service
  • ES – Evensong
  • M – Mattins
  • MP – Morning Prayer
  • We have a cycle of services that meet the worship needs of our congregations. Predominantly, these have been focussed on a set of printed service sheets and the main service follows a Common Worship format. There has been a strong tradition of hymn singing, but new songs have been introduced and there are keen singers who lead as a choir in Madron. However, this could be developed again in Gulval.
  • Alongside Holy Communion services, we have occasional Celtic liturgy, BCP services, including a weekly Evensong, Healing Services and Mattins on the 5th Sunday.
  • More contemporary worship songs are sung at Families@4 and at outreach events such as ‘Picnic and Praise’, Christingles and other seasonal services.
  • We have committed organists and potential to create a music group.