For us as a staff, mission is our heartbeat. It is all that God calls us to do for him. We see it as a priority to get to know, befriend and serve the people around us in order to win them for Christ .

Projects since 2007 include:

a) Preparation, printing and distribution of a quality leaflet for householders, newcomers and visitors to the two parishes, giving details of church and community services.

b) An interim translation of our Communion service into Polish for guest workers from that country.

c) The Living Churchyards Project – a scheme to enhance the parish churchyards as places of education, interest for visitors, rest and for wildlife to flourish. Signage, seating and selective tree removal and new planting is envisaged.

d) The introduction of theme-based Family Services such as Plough Sunday, Sea Sunday, a Celebration of the Countryside, Songs of Praise etc., co-operating with the school and other agencies.

e) Introducing toilet facilities into Madron church.

f) A subscription to, and distribution of, ‘Country Way’ magazine in order to stimulate local evangelism within a rural setting.