What is a Christian?
A Christian is someone who knows Jesus Christ, is helped by him and lives for him.
How do you become a Christian?
First, you believe that Jesus died on the cross to give you a new life. Second, you believe Jesus came back to life after that first Easter and is now alive and calling you to follow him. Third, you ask Jesus to forgive you for your past life away from God. Fourthly, you ask Jesus to come into your life.
How do you know you’re a Christian?
Jesus promises to give you the Holy Spirit, God’s invisible power, to help you live the Christian life. The Spirit is part of God, just as Jesus is. The Spirit makes Jesus present in our lives and helps us become like him – a lifetime’s work. The Spirit helps you to change your life on the inside, gives you the desire to pray and read the Bible, and makes you want to be with and work with other Christians in the church and outside.