Madron Daniel School C of E (An Baya Federation)

A school was established in Madron by the generosity of local man George Daniel in 1710. The three hundredth anniversary celebrations have just been held.

Madron School today is a small school with around 30  pupils. The view from the school field down to St Michael’s Mount is stupendous.

As the numbers are smaller, the degree of pastoral care offered to children, quite apart from the Christian ethos, results in excellent progress being made by those with special educational needs.

The school is also now catering for 2 year olds and has an excellent and also growing pre-school.

If you have a child and would like a prospectus or to visit the school, the headteacher is Mrs Hilary Tyreman  c/o Madron Daniel School, Madron, Penzance, Cornwall.

There is also a fine pre-school facility attached.

As from 29th January 2019, the school is now part of a federation with St Mary’s, Penzance CofE School. The head is shared, and there is one governing body, but both schools retain their separate character and independence.

Visit our school website on

Daily reflections are printed below but for full text and pictures, go to the school website.

Worship with Rev Sian     Wednesday 3rd February

Our Christian Value for this half term is Hope.

The night has passed. This day lies open before us. We thank God for the gift of this new day. AMEN

I wonder…..what gift or present would you hope might be in this parcel?

Perhaps talk to the person you are with about the parcel. Find out what they would like to be in the parcel. We all hope for different things to cheer us up.

In the pray that we said at the beginning of this assembly we thanked God for the gift of this new day.

Spend a few minutes thinking about this day. What are you going to do in it? You might talk to the person you are with about the day.

What are the things you do most days ? …having something to eat….watching TV…..playing with toys…..playing a computer game….doing our school work. I wonder if you will go out for a walk today?

Just imagine not being able to do any of those things! Even the things that we do every day are gifts. But because they happen each day we don’t even notice or say thank you for them.

So today try to be thankful for the Gift of this new day.  If we look and think carefully enough we can find all sorts of things to be thankful for.

Looking carefully.

I wonder if you can find things to fill you with HOPE today?

Can you see someone being kind to someone?

Can you see someone having fun, laughing or smiling?

Can you find signs of spring as you go out for a walk?


Dear God, help me to be really thankful for the gift of this new day. Let me find signs of Hope in my world.  Amen

ACTIVITY: Could you draw a picture or make a model that shows what you have been thinking about?  What do you want to be thankful for?

Send in your pictures and photos of models to class teacher.

Worship Friday 29th January

Our Christian Value for this half term is Hope.

Let’s start our assembly thinking of things to be thankful for….

The night has passed, And the day lies open before us.

Can you think of 3 things to be thankful for today?

Well done, everyone; children, teachers, parents and carers. You have all completed 4 weeks of learning at home!

So, it’s time to have your own celebration assembly at home!

This week across St Mary’s and Madron Daniel C of E Schools we are celebrating our core values.

Who has shown generosity in your home this week?

Who has been generous with their time?

Who would you give a generosity award to?

 Who has shown courage this week?

Who has carried on when things are difficult?

Who would you give a courage award to?

Who has shown perseverance?

Who has shown resilience?

Who would you give a perseverance award to?

Finally, who has shown hope making the world a better place?

Let’s Pray

Dear God,

Here in our school community let there be hope and joy. Let our community be endlessly generous towards each other. Give us courage and perseverance to keep on going even when times are tough. AMEN

A reminder of our half term Hope Challenge!

Draw a picture or take a photo called Hope

Write 3 words that you think best explain Hope.

Email your pictures and photos to your class teachers.

We would love to see your ideas and add them to our Hope board in school and make a book of Hope this half term for everyone to share with our school community.

Please complete this by Friday 5th February so we can compile our gallery.

Worship with Rev Sian   Wednesday 27th January    Hope and Light

Our Christian Value for this half term is Hope.

Here is a photo of a new baby that I have in my family. Her name is Evie and she’s now 6months old. Because of Covid I have only met up with her once but I do get pictures each day of something new that she has learnt to do.

I wonder if the adult you are with at the moment can fund a photo of you as a tiny baby. You might also talk together about all the “first milestones” in your first year.

When you first smiled. When you first sat up. What food you first ate. What you liked playing with. Babies learn so much though playing. Just remember how special you are and all the things that you have learnt to do since the day you were born.

You might want to send in a “Hope in early learning” into your school.

Today I want to tell you a story about some early days in baby Jesus life. As someone reads the story to you perhaps you can do the actions

Thousands of years before Jesus was born, God gave Moses a list of rules. They said that every firstborn son should be brought to the Temple to be blessed. So Mary and Joseph took their baby, Jesus, to Jerusalem. (use your hands to some that you are building the temple)

There was an old man called Simeon who lived near the temple.

He was a good man, who prayed every day for the place that he lived. He wanted people to be kinder and more caring. (bring hands together in prayer.)

Simeon met Mary and Joseph and their baby in the Temple. He saw their baby son Jesus and took him in his arms. (imagine holding a very young baby tenderly in your arms. Look down at the baby and smile)

Then, to Mary and Joseph’s amazement, Simeon began to thank God for their child. He said that this child was special and would bring Hope and Joy to many people Simeon the said something very strange to God . He said, ‘Master, now you can let me go in peace; I have seen your plan to save the world with my own eyes.Everyone will see that this baby Jesus will be a light in the world . People will look at the light. When things are difficult or dark God will show them how to be the sort of person that will bring light and hope to our world.  (imagine holding up a candle high in the air so that people can see the light).

Mary and Joseph were speechless with surprise. Simeon blessed them both. ‘Please look after this very special child.’

This day is called “Candlemas” and this year, Candlemas in next Tuesday 2nd February

A long time ago when people used candies to light their houses rather than electric people would have brought candles to church for them to be blessed.

People would pray that when they lit the candles in their house each evening they would remember Jesus and that they would also bring Hope and light to people around them.

When you turn on lights this week think about a way that you can bring light and hope to someone. Perhaps being kind to someone. Or phoning (with permission) a grandparent. Or just saying thank you to someone without being asked.

Let’s pray:

Dear God, When we turn on lights today may we also shine like candles of hope and bring light to our families and communities, AMEN


Draw a picture or take a photo called Hope

Write 3 words that you think best explain Hope.

Email your pictures and photos to your class teachers.

We would love to see your ideas and add them to our Hope board in school and make a book of Hope this half term for everyone to share with our school community.

Do send in your picture of Hope.

You might send in a photo of you as a baby with a comment from an adult about how much hope and light you brought into their lives.

Worship   Friday 22nd January

Our Christian Value for this half term is Hope.

Friday is our Celebration Assembly. In school we celebrated the children’s perseverance with their learning. Maybe this is something you want to congratulate your child and yourself on completing another week of learning at home.

We also had some children who had done an exceptional piece of work from contributing to discussions in assembly to fantastic art work. Maybe this is something you want to celebrate with your child.

At the end of assembly, we once again used the rainbow image. The children choose value stone and placed it on the rainbow for something they wanted to say thank you for. Courage, Creativity, Friendship Hope and Kindness stones were placed on the rainbow.

 Let’s Pray

Dear God, Here in our school community let there be peace. Let love and kindness be in our hearts at all times. Help us to be kind and supportive towards each other, AMEN

Here is a reminder of our Hope challenge which is now all over Penlee Cluster of Churches too!

Please send pictures and photos to your child’s class teacher. We really look forward to seeing them and making Hope in our community board at our schools.


Draw a picture or take a photo called Hope

Write 3 words that you think best explain Hope.

Email your pictures and photos to your class teachers.

We would love to see your ideas and add them to our Hope board in school and make a book of Hope this half term for everyone to share with our school community.

Worship from Rev Sian   Thursday 21st January

Our Christian Value for this half term is Hope.

Let’s start by welcoming the day

The night has passed and the day lies open before us.

What are you thankful for today?

Want to be a super hero? If you could be a hero which one would it be? I wonder how you made that choice? Was it the way they dress? The way they look? The things that they do? Is it the super power that they have?

You might want to talk to the grown up who is with you about your choice of super hero. The grown up might also share with you who their super hero is!

Yesterday in America something very important happened.

A new person becomes their new president. You might already know his name. Jo Biden. He was chosen by the people of America to be their leader.

Some people believe that the President of America is the most powerful leader in the world.  I wonder what it was like for him when he becomes president of the USA yesterday?

He made his promise (the Oath of Allegiance) to serve the people of America in front of lots of people. He placed his hand on a bible when he made that promise.

Yesterday as we said prayers in school he also went to church to say his prayers.

He asked God for help and wisdom for the very important job that he is taking on.

You might want to say a pray for him today. Being a leader is not an easy task.

Many Christians believe that we are all called to help and serve each other whoever we are and wherever we live. It takes all of us to work together to make this world a better place, to make the world a place full of hope.

But making a different can take courage. If you want to become a real Super hero what is your hope? What can you do now to help make this world a kinder and better place?

Perhaps you might like to draw a picture of yourself as a Super hero. What will the picture be like?

What are you going to show yourself doing to make a difference in the world?

We would love to see your pictures of YOU, as the superhero of HOPE.

You might want to pray this promise prayer… is very much like the one Jo Biden made and prayed as he became the President of America.

“I, ( put in your own name , do solemnly promise  that I will faithfully execute my role in healing, reimagining, and rebuilding our world , and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect, and defend dignity, justice, and joy for myself and for all around me, and that I will do so with love.”

For younger children

I promise to help make this world a better place. I will be fair and kind to all around me. I will look after this planet. Please help me God to become a super hero of hope.

Worship        Wednesday 20th January

Our Christian Value for this half term is Hope.
Let’s start by welcoming the day

The night has passed and the day lies open before us.
What are you thankful for today?
During assemblies this half term we are going to look at people who led fruitful lives. These people have lived out the value of hope in their life and work

Can you be a history detective?
We have already looked at
Archbishop Desmond Tutu
living out the value of Hope.
His name was George Muller.
Let’s find out more…..
George Muller was born in 1805 in Prussia (now in Germany. He was born in Kroppenstadt, near Leipzig.
He lived in a ordinary house.
When he was a teenager he found it hard to do the right thing. He lied, he cheated, he stole money to pay his bills. George had to go to prison for 5 weeks.
However, his dad did not give up on him. He wanted George to have a good job so her sent him to university. When he was there George organized a holiday for himself and his friends. He charged his friends too much so he did not have to pay anything!
But one evening, George went to a Bible study class and decided to change the way he behaved. He decided to not to take any money from his dad. He worked as a translator to help with his living expenses.
In 1830 when George was 23 he came to London. He became very ill and was sent to Devon to recover. Here he became Pastor (Leader) of Sheldon chapel and married Mary Graves.
At this time in Bristol the streets dirty. There was disease such as cholera. Lots of children had no family to care for them, they were orphans. These children were living on the streets, stealing and begging to get enough food to eat. The children were also having to work in workhouses.
Mary and George knew in their hearts that this was not right. They were determined to give the children hope and a safe place to live.
So George and Mary bought a house. In fact, they bought 3 houses on Wilson Street in Bristol.
But the people living near did not like the noise the children made and said that the sewers were getting blocked!
So, George decided to do something. He started to pray asking for £10,000 to build a better home for the children with space for the children to play.
George found some land near Ashley Down. He paid £840 for it.
George had the first home built.
It housed 300 children.
George continued to pray and he got sent lots of gifts. He soon had enough money to build a second house. This one housed another 400 children.
But he didn’t stop there. He managed to buy more land and build house no 3. This one housed 450 children.
By 1865 people had given him enough money to buy even MORE land.
He built two more houses.
Can you work out how many children George had managed to give a home to?
So think back about George Muller’s life. How did he live out the value of Hope?
Ashley Down was now home to 2,050 children and 112 members of staff. George never did any fund-raising, never asked for any money but received over £100m in today’s money to build the homes and feed, educate and care for over 10,000 orphans in his lifetime.
George Muller believed that God would always provide.
He never gave up. He wanted to make a difference.
• Find out about George Muller, visit the George Muller museum website

Dear God,
We thank you for the life of George Muller.
We thank you for helping him change his life.
We thank you for saving the lives of so many orphans,
Help us to have sense of community, to care and bring hope to others,.
And to trust in you.

Worship        Tuesday 19th January

Our Christian Value for this half term is Hope.
Today we are looking at the symbol of the rainbow as a sign of Hope.
Look at these photos of rainbows. I wonder how they make you feel?
When you seen an actual rainbow in the sky what do people do? How do they feel when the see a rainbow?
Today’s story is about the first rainbow.
It’s the story of Noah’s Ark
Here is a link to remind you of the story
Think back to your comments about how you felt when you saw a rainbow?
I wonder how Noah felt when he saw a rainbow?
The rainbow in the story is used as a symbol of Hope and promise.
The rainbow has been used more recently to show these things.

This is a famous man of our time. It’s Desmond Tutu who was archbishop in South Africa. When Desmond Tutu worked in South Africa he used the symbol of the rainbow to talk about a new beginning and new hope for the people of South Africa. When he was growing up people of different colour had to do everything separately. They lived under a system called apartheid, which separated communities from each other. Desmond spent many years working for justice for the people of South Africa so that all people would be treated equally, He knew that injustice was against God’s wishes. He told the people,
‘Look at your hands, different colours representing different people. You are rainbow people of God. As you remember, the rainbow in the bible is a sign of peace and hope.’

Let’s pray:
Dear God,
The rainbow reminded us that you always promise us a new start and a hopeful future.
Help us to pray for everyone who needs hope for the future today.
For anyone who is ill,
For anyone who is treated unfairly in the world,
Help us to work together for peace and justice all over the world,

Rainbow challenges for this week:
Rainbow Challenge 1 Can you paint a rainbow? You will need red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. Can you get the colours in the right order?
Rainbow Challenges 2
A rainbow is a sign of Hope and a promise.
Can you make a rainbow and write on it your promise to the environment?
Send your rainbow promise to your teacher

Celebration Assembly     Friday 15th January

Today we are holding our weekly celebration assembly.
This week we are celebrating star learners and children that have shown our core values in action.
Look back on the week of home learning and see if you can give your child a value award.
Maybe your child has tried something new and taken risks in the learning showing
Maybe your child has really kept on trying with home learning and never given up showing Resilience and Perseverance.
Maybe your child has shared well with siblings or been helping you. Maybe you child has shown Generosity with their time.

Dear God,
Here in our school community,
Let us be peaceful at all times.
Let our community be full of happiness,
Let love be in our hearts showing generosity towards each other,
Let us remember that in persevering together we achieve our best,

Wednesday 13th January          Thinking about Hope

Our Christian Value for this half term is Hope.

Hope is written on the St Mary’s School badge

I wonder what you think of when you think about the word


Here are some words and images about Hope

‘Hope is believing that good things can happen’

I bought a book in September. It’s a book dedicated to everyone working in the NHS full of hope stories and pictures.

Dear God,

Give us peace, Lord, everyday

Give us love, Lord, everyday

Give us hope, Lord, everyday,

Guide our footsteps on the way,



Draw a picture or take a photo called Hope

Write 3 words that you think best explain Hope.

Email your pictures and photos to your class teachers.

We would love to see your ideas and add them to our Hope board in school and make a book of Hope this half term for everyone to share with our school community.

Monday 11th January    Collective Worship

The Flight into Egypt

Today we have started to look at our Value of Hope.

We start our worship with a simple morning prayer and think about the things we are thankful for.

Here is what the children said today in school:

Thank you for our friends and pets.

Thank you for new people in our lives.

Thank you for the camels and sand.

The Flight into Egypt

The story we are going to look at shows that Jesus was in danger even as a very young child. King Herod was a merciless tyrant and he was very jealous when he heard that a new king had been born.

Talk to your people at home.


How would you describe ‘jealousy’?

Why do you think King Herod might have been jealous of the baby Jesus?


Friday 8th January       Celebration Assembly

Today we are holding our weekly celebration assembly. It has been a hard week for all with many sudden changes; children coming into school that looks very different again and everyone, teachers, children, parents and carers needing to get used to remote learning.

This week we have taken values and virtues shown by the Wise Men to link with the story of Epiphany and used these as a focus in our Celebration Assembly:



and Generosity.

I wonder which award you would give to someone today? Make their day by telling them!

Dear God,

We thank you for the inspiration of the Wise Men and their adventurous journey following the star to Bethlehem. Help us to be like the wise men, courageous, resilient and generous in all we do today and to notice these qualities in others.