Gulval Parish Church

 Service Times:   

Sundays at 11:00am Holy Communion (1st, 3rd and 5th Sundays of the month)  Family Service (2nd Sunday) , Mattins (trad) (4th Sunday)

We also have a FACEBOOK page for Madron, Heamoor and Gulval churches.

Child-friendly Services

Family Service at 11am on the second Sunday of the month, plus particularly child-friendly occasions to be found on the relevant web page (see Services)

Our safe-guarding officer is Christina de Vries.

Opening Times: Gulval Church is open every Thursday between 10am and noon for private prayer or quiet reflection. There is always someone to talk to or offer help. Table top sale with a good selection of books, postcards, soft toys and bric-a-brac are on offer. There is also a 50p table with lots of bargains. We look forward to seeing you.  


 (Churchwarden) Parking. Free parking is available at all points around the upper churchyard. It gets busy at the top outside the Coldstreamer. The best place is probably at the bottom of the steps, coming along Possess Lane from Jelbert Way. There is level access from the east gate, but there are a couple of steps to negotiate first. There is step-free access via the top gate (opposite the Coldstreamer) and there are usually spaces hard by the churchyard wall. There is no church car park.

Building and other projects (2021)  We are trying to replenish our reserves after forking out for tarmacced paths, a new toilet, emergency repairs to wall memorials and ongoing tree trimming (the churchyard is not closed, so we have all the bills for maintenance) . Our lighting is being gradually improved.


Risk assessment   Madron & Heamoor churches Updated 18th March 2022.

National Coronavirus (Covid 19) restrictions have been relaxed but Madron PCC still have concerns and our first duty is to our congregation and our visitors. 

1) Face masks It is advised face masks are worn upon entering the church but may be removed when seated and whilst singing. Masks should be worn when moving around the Church and when leaving the Church. By personal choice masks may be worn at all times.

2) Arrival. Be careful to arrive at a social distance through the main door, where you can sanitise. Please try not bunch around the door or the table.

3) Hand sanitiser will be on the table at the back.

4) Services will continue to take place in zones – 11am in the main body of the church ONLY and 6pm (Madron) in the choir stalls.

5) The need to Sit at 2 metres from the next worshipper (unless a family group) is one that we have all got used to over the last two years and is a good practice to continue. The maximum numbers in church which was dictated by the strictest Covid rules are now relaxed for large gatherings such a weddings and funerals.

6) Both doors will be open for ventilation – unless it is really cold or windy.

7) Hymn books and service sheets will be given out upon arrival.

8) No collection bags will be passed around, a plate at the back to be brought up during the service.

9) There is no passing the peace or other physical contact between those present

10) The toilets will be available if required.

11) Communion is by wafer only at present. A one-way system to receive will be in place. 

Document reviewed 17th March; the need to list attendees (track & trace) was removed on the 27th January 2022. 

Andy Freeman on behalf of Madron PCC 18th March 2022.



    PCC members

    Kay Short (Lay chair)  email:  or phone 07855796162

    Jan de Vries (Churchwarden) email:

    Vacancy (Churchwarden)

    Rhoda Holt  (Secretary) 

    Philip Peters (Treasurer)   email: or phone 07926365660

    Christina de Vries (Safeguarding,Diocesan Synod Rep,and the Local Pastoral Minister)

   Suszanne Melio

   Marj Jenkin

   Linda Williams

   Ivor Phillips